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Our services are extremely comprehensive, thereby allowing you, our client, to concentrate on your business. We handle all the details and present you with options and suggestions so that you can make informed decisions. We accomplish this strategy by becoming intimately involved in all aspects of your facility by gaining a sound working knowledge of your operations, tenants' needs, your staffing plans, and your policies and regulations. Adhering to this philosophy creates an environment whereby DMC staff is an extension of your own staff.


Signing a Contract


As a full service organization with a thorough knowledge of the construction process, we can stream-line schedules, control costs and assure quality throughout.

Key in the Lock


We are able to provide you with the compliance resources you need to understand and operate in the new world of property compliance. DeMarco Management Corporation Compliance Department tailors programs to meet the specific needs of any property, regardless of size or funding.



DeMarco Management Corporation has a highly skilled relocation department that handles all aspects of relocation, from plan development administration to execution. Over the past 10 years DeMarco Management Corporation has served as the relocation for over 1500 households and numerous business clients. If your development plans require the relocation of existing tenants we can provide these services. We follow all federal guidelines as set by HUD.

Interested in getting involved in the real estate market? Don’t go it alone. Give Demarco Management Corporation a call today.

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